This Week’s Market – Old Beach Art Market in Virginia Beach


Pretty dramatic picture, huh. One of Kay Reid’s limited edition prints (and my personal favorite). Come meet Kay tomorrow as she joins a wonderful array of artists at Old Beach Markets – 19th Street at Cypress Avenue in Virginia Beach.

Tomorrow’s weather could go either way. Remember you can check our Facebook page for up to the minute announcements.

Others you can expect to see tomorrow include Bob Wright/Beth Wray, Acara Phipps, Shannon Calley, Jessamyn Manzeralla, Lindsay Kearns, Marisa Kuntz, Teresa Hartman and Cerrone Wooling plus Market Manager Ashley Smith (of course) and ContraVan.

You’re invited to bring your lunch and Picnic on the Patio at Croc’s 19th Street Bistro. There’ll be lots of opportunities to add to your meal at Old Beach Farmer’s Market.

The Green Dog at Old Beach Art Market in Virginia Beach

Bet you didn’t know that Christina at Old Beach Green Market might just be your ticket to a loving family pet. She fosters four legged creatures looking for new homes. Doesn’t always have one available but you might find a match made in heaven. Meet Walter tomorrow (weather permitting). He’s an older chihuahua with a great personality. He loves snuggling, walking, bike riding and gets along well with other dogs.

The ViBe Creative District Crosswalk Paining has been rescheduled for NEXT Saturday, August 19th.

Artist early registration for The 55th Annual Ocean View Art Show in October ends on August 15th. 55 years – they’re doing something right!

We’ll be looking for you on Saturday.

With thanks for copy to Old Beach Farmer’s Market:
Parking is generously donated by these local businesses and city parking lots: the grass lot behind Wave Riding Vehicles along 19th Street; the Runnymede parking lots along Cypress Avenue at 20th and 21st Streets; and the Virginia Beach Convention Center lot at 19th Street and Parks Avenue. On-street parking is now available along 18th Street west of Cypress Avenue.

Motorists who park in other lots including the Wareing’s Gym and Mary’s parking lots on Cypress Avenue at 18th and 17th Streets or who block driveways do so risking tickets and towing.

Vendor-only parking has generously been donated by the Shoreham Condominiums next door to the market.


We’ll see you on 19th Street next week – July 22, 2017

Plenty of time for YOU to participate. Contact for information.

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