This Week’s Market



Old Beach Art Market Artists will be all over the area this weekend and next.

We have a great lineup on Saturday: Shannon Calley, Lori Cicogna, Nick Halleran, Teresa Hartman, Suzanne Jeffers, Jessamyn Manzeralla, Acara Phipps, Kay Reid and Bob Wright

Marisa Kuntz and Melissa Laverdiere will be at The Coral Caravan at St. Brides Feed and Farm Supply, 356 St. Brides Road in Chesapeake.

Emily Warden, Lindsay Kearns, Mallorie Terranova and Ashley Smith are showing their art at Esoteric Crafts – 501 Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Did you know it’s National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month? Yep, sure is. The Old Beach Farmer’s Market is a good place to celebrate. Heather Donis will be painting a mural during Saturday’s market and she’s inviting patrons to help. So be sure to bring your creative talent with you when you visit the markets. Yes – Heather wants YOU to help.

Market hours are 9:00 a.m. until noon all year round.

Don’t forget the Farmer’s and The Green Market!

There won’t be an Art Market next Saturday, June 17 but we’re back in the street on the 24th.

Check out the Boardwalk Art Show  on June 16, 17 & 18. Our own Kenn Young is participating – booth # 3419. Another Old Beach Art Market friend on the boardwalk is Amanda Outcult.

Looking for another great place to exhibit? The 2nd Annual Hermitage Museum and Gardens Handmade Festival is on September 10th. Apply by July 14th. This is a fun Sunday event. Get details at their website.


Old Beach Art Market yielding 19th Street next week for
Virginia Beach High School Graduation Day – June 17th.
So mark your calendars
We’re back on 19th Street in 2 weeks – June 24, 2017

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