There is something for everyone!

There is something for everyone at the Virginia Beach Art Market.

Did you see the lovely article by Lorraine  Eaton  in the Wednesday Virginian Pilot on Old Beach Farmer’s Market? We got a mention along with Old Beach Green Market even if  it wasn’t by name:

This bustling Oceanfront market is more of a marketplace. Each Saturday, a portion of 19th Street is cordoned off and mostly nonfood  vendors sell everything from handmade soaps to etched glassware to photographs. This past Saturday, there was even a knife sharpener and a boutique clothing truck.
Put this on your calendar, too. The Hermitage Museum and Gardens and their spectacular The Art of Burning Man Exhibition. Everything’s aglow on Thursday nights until October 12.
With thanks for copy to Old Beach Farmer’s Market:
Parking is generously donated by these local businesses and city parking lots: the grass lot behind Wave Riding Vehicles along 19th Street; the Runnymede parking lots along Cypress Avenue at 20th and 21st Streets; and the Virginia Beach Convention Center lot at 19th Street and Parks Avenue. On-street parking is now available along 18th Street west of Cypress Avenue.

Motorists who park in other lots or who block driveways do so risking tickets and towing, including the Wareing’s Gym and Mary’s Restaurant parking lots on Cypress Avenue at 18th and 17th Streets.

Vendor-only parking has generously been donated by the Shoreham Condominiums next door to the market

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