The Trash-Sea Mermaid

Old Beach Art Market AND Old Beach Green Market

The Trash-Sea Mermaid is in ViBe Park this weekend

Stop by and meet Lori and Katelyn. See their wonderful sea glass collection – from bracelets and pendants to forks and spoons.

This week’s spectacular lineup –

Everything Zen
ABJ Arts
Shadowlawn Sheree’s
and THREE brand new artists:
Cox Creations
and all the way from The Shenandoah Valley –FireworkVa
Remember to visit The Old Beach Farmer’s Market –
a certified Virginia Green market.
and fun!


This is everything you would expect from a 4th of July weekend. Here are some simple tips to follow to help keep your celebration ocean-friendly this year!


1. If you celebrate with fireworks, be sure to pick up the leftover pieces. Many fireworks contain plastic parts and they can become litter and find their way to the ocean.


2. If you must celebrate with balloons, fill them with air not helium or make sure they are weighted down so they can’t get away. Released balloons become litter and are very dangerous to marine animals, wildlife and livestock. There are many balloon alternatives available for decorations: streamers, pinwheels, flags and lights to name a few.


3. Skip the single-use plastics. If you don’t have enough reusable plates, cups and cutlery to go around, ask your guests to bring their own or head over to the thrift store and pick up a set just for parties that you can keep around for the future.


4. Heading to the beach? Bring a reusable bag and pick up some trash while you are there. Every little bit counts and its a good way to work off those veggie burgers and chips you just ate!


5. Buy local. Check out the Old Beach Farmers Market for fresh veggies, meat, bread and desserts for your guests. Or check out some of the many locally owned farm stands and bakeries in our area and support a local farmer, baker, producer.


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See you Saturday.
Mary Ann

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