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Support the Surf Park project NOW. It is now a larger competitive year round surf park using Wave Garden Cove technology. Perfect 6’ wave every 9 seconds. This is the what you have dreamed about since you were a little kid but have never found and will never find from the Jetty to 89.

Please sign the below letter, scan, and email or Fax to 757.463.1412. We are going to synthesize all the signatures into one letter to go to City Council.

August 2, 2018

The Honorable Louis Jones, Mayor
Members of City Council

Dear Mayor and Members of City Council:

We are the members of the Virginia Beach surf community. We are the shop owners, instructors, suppliers and manufacturers that make up the “surf industry” in Virginia Beach. We are signing this letter to boldly support the development of The Wave.

Surfing is a $50 billion global industry, and Virginia Beach is a significant part it. Virginia Beach is home to world-renowned iconic surf brands, the second-oldest surfing competition in the world (ECSC) and tens of thousands of surfers. The economic impact of the surf industry on Virginia Beach is extraordinary.

In April of this year, the CVB published a paid advertisement in USA Today entitled “How Virginia Beach became a surf destination.” The article examines the history and importance of the surf industry to Virginia Beach. It further evidences the vital importance of the industry to our economy.

The Wave is a project that will dramatically accelerate the growth of the surfing industry in Virginia Beach. As you know, the project will feature a state-of-the-art Wavegarden surf park that will serve as a catalyst for sports tourism, surf competitions and surf-related events. But beyond the surf park, The Wave is an iconic expression of our Beach culture that will further solidify Virginia Beach as a primary destination on the East Coast. It includes an entertainment venue, experiential retail, office, residential and a park. While the direct impacts are significant, the indirect impacts to industries like ours will be even greater.

We hope that you will approve the development of The Wave project. This is an opportunity for Virginia Beach to solidify itself as the premier surf designation on the East Coast and create a powerful economic engine to drive our City into the future.


The Virginia Beach Surfing Community
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