Old Beach Art Market is Opening SOON!

Hello, Artists –

This is for YOU!

Old Beach Art Market is a week from Saturday on March 18th. Are you in?

We need your completed 2017 application on hand asap. Remember – if you were in for 2016, you’re in for 2017. There’s no application fee – just complete the application and get it to me. When it’s approved, you can contact Maggie Blynn at City Hall for your Virginia Beach Business License.

How about planning something for May 12 – 14? Celebrating Lynnhaven River Now’s 15th Anniversary, The Art of Saving the River Festival will be in The ViBe Creative District on 18th Street. You should be there, too. Check out the attached info. Lots going on but here’s the gist:

Two events on Mother’s Day weekend:

1 – Juried Art Exhibition with VIP Reception on Friday, May 12th and

2 – Festival Art Show on Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th

You can participate in one or both. All the scoop’s in the attached.

Any questions about the Festival contact Terri Gorman at 757-962-5398 or Terri@LRNow.org. She has all the answers.

In the meantime, don’t forget me. I’m eager to hear from you.

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