Old Beach Art Holiday Market

Old Beach Art Market in Virginia Beach, VA

Saturday is the last Old Beach Art Market of 2018. Be sure to come – we’re ready to help you finish your Christmas shopping.
Our Holiday Market is in ViBe Park.
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Saturday’s Old Beach Artists are:
Suzanne Jeffers – OneWyouLLC
Acara Phipps Miller – Acara’s Jewelry
Kim Walker – Domesticated Metalhead
Amy Jiggetts – Chic Flag
and, with us after far too long away,
Ashley Smith –Ashley M. Smith Art
We’re also welcoming a brand new artist from The Eastern Shore –
Jenna Rodriguez – Seafield Farm
This week’s Green Market Vendors:
Market hours are 9:00 until noon.
Now through May…
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Old Beach Art and Green Markets
on the third Saturday of the month.
Don’t forget
in the parking lot behind
Yesterday lives at the VB Flea.
Be sure to cross 19th Street
and check ’em out.
Things to avoid:
Huge parking lots
Crowded malls
Disinterested sales people
Things to do:
Buy local
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