Begin the Fourth with a visit to Old Beach Market.

Begin the Fourth with a visit to Old Beach Market.




A weekend to celebrate – how lucky we are to have The 4th of July to celebrate. As John Adams predicted, Independence Day is warmly greeted from coast to coast with All American Fervor, Fireworks and Parades. He didn’t guess hot dogs and hamburgers but who could have?

Artists out for a patriotic market tomorrow will be Kym Bach, Shannon Calley, Lori Cicogna, Amy Cummings, Hillary DavenportMarisa KuntzNick Halleran, Melissa Laverdiere, Acara PhippsKay ReidMallorie TerranovaBob Wright and our Wonderful Market Manager – Ashley Smith – plus ContraVan and new to Old Beach – Mike Smack.

After visiting Old Beach, you might be interested in Cultured 2k17: A Utopia Feni Arts + Music Festival in Kempsville.  When you go, be sure to look for Ashley and Jessamyn Manzeralla.

Old Beach Green Market and Old Beach Farmer’s Market are looking good this week, too.

Stars & Stripes Explosion on July 4th is worth checking out. The Quantico Marine Corps Band‘s Concert Band and Rock Band will be at the main 24th Street beach stage on the 4th as part of  Beach Street USA

We’ll be looking for you on Saturday.

With thanks for copy to Old Beach Farmer’s Market:

Parking is generously donated by these local businesses and city parking lots: the grass lot behind Wave Riding Vehicles along 19th Street; the Runnymede parking lots along Cypress Avenue at 20th and 21st Streets; and the Virginia Beach Convention Center lot at 19th Street and Parks Avenue. On-street parking is now available along 18th Street west of Cypress Avenue.

Motorists who park in other lots or who block driveways do so risking tickets and towing, including the Wareing’s Gym and Mary’s parking lots on Cypress Avenue at 18th and 17th Streets.

Vendor-only parking has generously been donated by the Shoreham Condominiums next door to the market.


We’ll see you on 19th Street next week – July 8, 2017

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