First market of 2020

Old Beach Art Market AND Old Beach Green Market

Celebrating 10 years

bringing local art and eco businesses to Old Beach

Old Beach Art Market - 2020


What’s different this week?

Raffle Tickets and flash back pix

How’s your vision this year?
Hope you see your way clear to checking out the Old Beach Markets this Saturday!
I promise that’s the only pun in the blast!


It’ll be a wonderful day in ViBe Park
with favorite vendors such as:
StandUp for kids will be in ViBe Park, too. They’ll be offering $20 raffle tickets for a chance on a $1,500 cuff bracelet.
All proceeds benefit
StandUp for kids – Hampton Roads.
Funds raised here, stay here.
Tickets available at Old Beach this Saturday at Eco Maniac Company and It Started with a Fig behind Croc’s 19th Street Bistro.
Bet you’re on Facebook.
We are, too.
So is the Farmer’s Market!
Check out our event
and let us know about yours.


Old Beach Art & Eco Market started
10 years ago in 2010
as two separate markets.
We’ll be sharing pictures from time to time like the one above
and the rack card below
as we remember our beginning.
Thanks for coming out on Saturdays.
We appreciate your support.
Our next market is
SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

Old Beach Art and Eco Market
18th and Cypress in ViBe Park
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
You can reach Mary Ann at