45th Annual Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend

Old Beach Art Market | Virginia Beach VA


This is the 45th Annual Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend – lots to do in
our neighborhood.


There’s The Grand Parade and 8K Race on Saturday plus
music, art and sand sculpturing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


If you check out the
Art & Craft Show on the boardwalk,
look for Old Beach Art Market friends


We have another great lineup for Saturday’s Old Beach Markets in ViBe Park.


We’re open 9:00 until noon.

Check out our Facebook event


Saturday’s Old Beach Artists are:


Carla Fuller – Gypsy Soul Boutique
Greg Bryant – MantaWave
Lori Bronson/Katlyn Watson –
Jessamyn Manzeralla – Jessamy’s Whimsey
Sarah Scutt – Tra Divas and Bling
Amy Jiggetts – Chic Flag
Shannon Calley –
Courtney Walton – CourtzCrystals
and, for the first time,
Samantha Bentley – Bentley’s Buds



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This week’s Green Market Vendors:


Old Beach Art and Green Markets fall/winter schedule begins in October –
third Saturdays only until spring.


Don’t forget
in the parking lot behind